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About Us

Recently Launched in UK and Ghana

The NKUNIM Project is a non-profit education initiative committed to assisting the Government of Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa in providing quality and equality in mainstream education. We advocate for education equality and invite everyone who shares our vision of a more level playing field in public education to join our movement.

Our Core Values
Our core values guide our actions and decisions:

  • Compassion
  • Commitment
  • Fairness
  • Service to Others
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The NKUNIM Initiative is on a mission to tackle the growing inequalities in education – by seeking to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 & 5 in helping build a more inclusive and quality education, and promote gender parity to help maximise access and retention for underprivileged children in mainstream education.


To address the networks that interconnect and influence each other to impact children’s education. To create a more equitable and quality learning environment in mainstream education.


Learn about our holistic approach, consisting of policy advocacy, learning environment initiatives, funding, student support, parental information access, research, conferences, and awards.

We're Driven by a Strong Passion For Inclusive Education

We employ an eight-fold holistic approach to achieve our goals:

  1. Policy Advocacy: Champion targeted policies for education.
  2. Learning Environment: Facilitate forums and workshops on inclusive teaching.
  3. Funding: Support interventions for needy children.
  4. Student Support: Provide coaching, mentoring, and career workshops.
  5. Parents Information Access: Offer online and telephone support for parents.
  6. Research: Conduct studies on quality education and inclusive practices.
  7. Conference: Host events to deliberate on measures in the learning environment.
  8. Awards: Recognize academic excellence and support for children’s education.